So you would like to know more about racing with First Person View Quadcopters?

We are setting up the first worldwide competition with a twist for you and other pilots. We think this will be big!

The special thing about this competition is that you will fly against and compete with other pilots from your own country or even at international events with dozens of other nationalities.

But you don’t own a Quadcopter? No problem: we could supply it!


For Free? Almost for free!

Why? We think you should try to use our huge Quadcopters instead of tiny ones… It will attract a lot of people and companies. All pilots fly with the same gear (motor, ESC, flightcontroller and Lipo) so you have to be a good pilot to make a difference!

We will not compete with other FPV racing initiatives like We happily invite the winners of those competitions to start racing at Airfighter. With a sponsorship for all our gear we keep the cost to attend at a minimum. Racing fees and prices to win will be communicated later.

Off course we will expand with other model types from Sky Hero and other brands too!

Sky hero 700

We are experimenting with the DJI Light Bridge to use multiple videochannels to compete with more then 3 pilots at the time! We bring this videotransmitter with a complete flying Sky Hero 700 Quadcopter. You only have to bring along your favorite Transmitter, Receiver and Fatshark goggles. Stay tuned for more info: follow our blog, receive our newsletter (see footer) or chat with us at Twitter and Facebook.

Do you want to join this challenge? Submit for free (select the type of Quadcopter you like or have) and join this new movement! Do you own a Sky Hero Spyder and would like race with your own? Possible too!

Want to help us out to organize competitions in your country (besides The Netherlands)?

Or do you need more information about a sponsorship of one of the racingteams? Send us a message here.